Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thrilling Oklahoma City

We're in Ok City today, and it's OK. I got in a quick swim in the tiny pool when we arrived, so my sorry muscles won't completely atrophy and my immobile spine won't fuse into one painful, immobile, calcified mass of wretchedness. Instead, I'm feeling quite relaxed tonight. During today's 620-mile ride, we finished listening to The Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman (he plays the PC in those Mac/PC Apple commercials, and his audiobook is extremely random and funny, a highlight being his personal troubadour who played whimsical musical accompaniments to his reading).

Highlights today included New Mexico: The Land of Enchantment (which was pretty enchanting, minus the rowdy teens that awoke us with their bone-headed antics at the Travelodge at 2am), the Largest Cross in North America (which was poorly situated next to a mud pond and didn't live up to its promise of being a spiritual experience never to be forgot), and a capsized tractor trailer truck in Oklahoma, billowing fresh smoke as we drove past (the driver was escaping out the shattered windshield and no other vehicles were involved). Also, I went into a Stuckey's, but purchased neither banana chips nor jerky (I purchased dry roasted peanuts).

Tomorrow we get to relive the commute through St. Louis! Blurg.


Ickenham said...

So that no one here thinks we're callous jerks, I should point out that there were several other people at the site who had pulled over to offer assistance to the truck driver who had wrecked his big rig, so there was no need for us to stop and help.

That's not to say that we would have stopped--just that you can't yet infer that we're callous jerks.

Kevin said...

Let me just say that I love the daily travel-log (travel-blog?).

I'm going to try and give the two of you a call in the next day or so--give you a break during your trek!

When you get to StL, give everyone that we know there our greetings.

Tim said...

they, um, didn' :(


Watoosa said...

Tim! We're really sorry. We totally bypassed StL and plugged on through another day of overwhelming monotony, but we thought of you guys with guilt in our hearts and mourned not seeing you. Alas.

Kevin said...


You got the shaft! Whatever guilt they felt, it wasn't enough.


Don't let Tim make you feel guilty. It's completely understandable that you can't stop given your trip.

(Wow, perhaps I should go into politics.)