Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Huntington

As part of our final fun blowout before exiting California, we went to The Huntington in Pasadena last weekend. It features a rare manuscripts museum, an art museum, and extensive gardens. They also have a tearoom in their Rose Garden, which was already booked when we called for reservations (but I peeked in the back door and saw that it was a bit overcrowded and did not sufficiently meet my uppity standards for a proper tearoom, so I was pacified).

The gardens were exquisite, especially the dramatic, hilly Japanese garden, but the rare manuscripts in the library impressed me the most. They have the Ellesmere Chaucer there! I never would have guessed it. It seems wrong to have it in balmy Pasadena (it would be more at home in Canterbury or somewhere misty in England), but I got to see it with my own eyes, so I can't complain.

Click on Thumbnails below to see a few photos from The Huntington.

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