Monday, June 18, 2007

Hot Fudge in My Shake and a Perfunctory Salad

(I am aware, incidentally, that the phrase "hot fudge in my shake" could be open to multiple interpretations. Let's not think too much about that one.)

Hooray for Steak & Shake.

Boo humidity.

Hooray for the Antique Gasoline Sign & Emu Farm.

Boo expensive Oklahoma toll roads.

Sort-of hooray to Super 8 in Effingham, IL, for gym membership and Ruby Tuesdays discount.

Boo to Ruby Tuesdays for not shredding your own cheese fresh for my dinner salad. (Yes, I recognize the pre-shredded Kraft-bag cheddar when I see it. I know you're trying to improve your image, but you'll have to work harder.)

Ha-ha boys at gym who tried to outrun me on the treadmill and failed miserably. You had too many bratwurst und schnitzel today, you corn-fed man-boys who jog in jeans!


Phil K. said...

Why is Ickenhiemerschmidt going business-casual on this trip!? Does he always dress-for-success?

I always roll shirtless on trips of 500 miles or more. And, windows-down, the whole way.

hambone said...

Beth! Why are there no pictures of the emu farm? This is almost as bad as the mini-horse farm being closed!

Ruby Tuesday's is unbearable, but I guess you're probably desperate for variety by now. (The only comparable but worse experience is the Golden Corral. In Auburn.)

And, I, for one, am glad Chris kept his shirt on. That could be scary!

How's Greta holding up?

Watoosa said...

Hambone, we were so sad that we didn't get a shot of the gas sign and emu farm. it was right on the interstate and we were upon it before we even realized it was there, and alas, i was not quick enough on the draw with mr. digi-camera.

blakbuzzrd said...

Hot fudge in your shake?

Here's a little ditty that seems appropriate:

Chris's milkshake brings all the boys to the yard,
And they're like, "It's better than yours."
Damn right, it's better than yours;
Chris can teach you, but he has to charge.

I feel gross now.