Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Not Eerie At All

We drove through some very dull country today (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio), so no good pics, although Pennsylvania is quite nice. It's green and damp and cool, and it's pleasant to see tall trees again after all desert and plains. We're at the Country Inn & Suites in Erie, PA, tonight, and Orbitz finally delivered on this one. It's a tremendous improvement and about the same price as the other places where we: 1. settled for a chintzy desert motel, 2. were plagued by vulgar youth at 2am, and 3. destroyed a poorly constructed desk chair by accident.

In Erie, we're right across the street from an indoor water park with all these alluring, colorful plastic tubes snaking in and out of the building. For some reason Ickie insisted all the slides were actually attached to the Holiday Inn, even though I told him about a thousand times it was the oft-alluded-to indoor water park. After exclaiming "Good grief, look at that Holiday Inn!" several times, he incredulously inquired, "It's an INDOOR water park?" Yes, the exactly phrased I'd repeated for the past 30 miles finally penetrated his consciousness. No doubt his brain is so full of high-fallutin' doctoral philosophy voodoo that he has no room for the word "indoor."


Ickenham said...

Yet again, my wife's recounting of a common experience bears little resemblance to reality. Those of you who are familiar with her penchant for exaggeration will not be surprised.

Kevin said...

Ohio is 'dull country'? Whatcho talkin' 'bout Willis?

I'm not sure we can be friends anymore. Perhaps if you'd said 'driving through Ohio is dull', then we'd be ok. But as written, not cool. I'd expect such smack from Ickie, but not from you.

Tim said...

What's this about Indiana being dull country? Didn't you mean 'God's country'? You didn't see anything in IN worth taking a picture of? My Hoosier heart breaks!

And Ick, don't slander you wife's story-telling skills. I believe it happened exactly as she says it did.


Tim said...

HA! Kevin, I was typing up my comment just as you were typing up yours.

What's with these fools, not knowing God's country when they see it?

Kevin said...

No kidding, Tim. Next, they're going to say things like 'the South is better than the Midwest' or some other crazy talk.

They've been in the car way too long if they're thinking this way.