Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Goodbye, Veronica

Watched the final two episodes of Veronica Mars last night. The series wasn't resolved (because the final eps were filmed prior to news of cancellation, and there was plenty of fodder for new plot development), but there were a few things in last night's episodes that made it slightly less painful for me. The return of the old Logan, a hint of the old Weevil, the return of the Kanes, more Wallace than usual, some winning lines from Mac, a deeper look at Dick, comedy gold from our wonderful snarky Veronica, and the final scene where Veronica, realizing she's messed things up for her father, tells him "You know I love you more than anything else in the world," and Keith says he knows. Thank goodness we didn't get the cliffhangers of seasons one and two. Instead we have that great image of Veronica voting for her dad, even though we're pretty sure he'll lose the election. What matters most in the show is their relationship, and we see them supporting each other and loving each other unconditionally in that last episode. It all reminded me of what a great show this has been, even though the final season suffered.

For a lovely eulogy, all of you fellow fans must read Daniel Carlson's post on Pajiba. It won't give anything essential away for you not-yet-fans, but it may encourage you to move this show up on your Netflix queue.

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