Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today I announced to Ickie that presently I can think of nothing I fear more than the eerie talking oranges with demonic little faces in the Sunkist soda commercial. Their lidless glassy eyes, their lipless mouths grinning sadistically...uhhh. In fact, nothing else even seems scary at all in comparison. Zombies, traffic accidents, murderers, seagulls...all my previous fears are moot in the face of these orange imps. I love a good ghost story and usually scoff at movie monsters. But I keep doing double takes at the oranges in our fruit bowl, worried I'll see little slits for eyes and mouth forming.

I'm also afraid of their flat, crooked teeth.

For those of you who still have peace of mind, feast your eyes upon the Sunkist oranges in their fiendish glory here (the first commercial in the YouTube clip is the only one I'm referring to--no need to watch the rest of the clip). The malignant expression on the orange's face who casually asks "Need a hand?" is more than I can bear. You can tell he has ulterior motives. All the soda-drinking party-goers are blissfully unaware of the threat lurking just outside their raucous gathering.

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