Monday, April 7, 2008

I'd like to know how these guys got their job...

If you have BBC America in your cable line-up, I strongly recommend BBC's Top Gear, which presently airs on Monday nights (you can also watch videos on the website). It's a hilarious show, not just for able motorheads but for girly folk like myself with only enough knowledge to change a tire. (Actually, I've always found driving exhilarating, thanks to being taught by a fighter pilot in a Toyota MR2.)

Anyway, Top Gear is the latest TV obsession for Ickie and myself. The three hosts have an side-splitting rapport, rather like the Car Talk guys but with British accents, and they come up with the most bizarre stunts and practical jokes. In recent episodes I watched them race across Botswana in secondhand jalopies, pit an Alpha Romeo against a man wading through mud, race BMW and Mercedes station wagons down a burning runway, race a convertible against a man on rollerblades with a rocket pack, and compete in a demolition derby with several dilapidated campers.

Of note is that Ickie read a recent article about an American network planning to make their own version of the show, which I assume will be an abysmal disappointment.

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