Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Full of Rage and Slathered in Confusion"

A devout fan of James Lileks's Gallery of Regrettable Food, I enjoy it when a gifted wordsmith mocks bad food. As a result, I laughed the hardest I've laughed all week when I read Patton Oswalt's review of the KFC Famous Bowl, found on The Onion's A.V. Club site. Ickie and I have groaned not just a few times at the commercials for this affront to comestibles.

I'm not sure exactly what it means to say "Everything inside the store—including the employees and customers—looked like it had been rubbed with sad ham," but somehow it creates a vivid, horrifying mental picture. The last time I ate at a KFC was in Indonesia, after which I checked into the hospital with food poisoning.


Jackamo said...

That was so disgusting and funny at the same time. The famous bowl sounds "regrettable" indeed!

Jenny said...

I've never had a famous bowl. But the reviews from were hilarious.

Sad ham - I guess every ham is sad since it's dead. Or, since it's dead, it can't be sad. So the staff had to look greasy, I guess? Still trying to envision that one.

hayumbone said...

I haven't been to the Onion's site to read the review yet, but does this happen to mention how it looks like a dog's dinner? If not, then I'll have to find out from the Buzzard which food reviewer did, because that writer's description of the "famous bowl" made me laugh so hard I ached.

It doesn't even LOOK like food. And when something masquerading as a comestible can't manage to be remotely recognizable for a commercial, that's just sad.

Watoosa said...

It wasn't Patton Oswalt's review who referred to the famous bowl as a dog's dinner, but that does sound accurate from the photos.
Ickie and I used to freak out in St. Louis at commercials for Imo's St. Louis-style pizza. It was truly disgusting to eat, but looked very soggy and brown in the commercials. Ick described it as a soggy cracker with ketchup and rubbery cheese product on top. It's vile.

hayumbone said...

What a perfect description for something so horrible looking.

And, you know, it would take an American to develop "cheese product."