Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm so very jealous....

Just check out Neil Gaiman's personal library here.

Of note: Of course there's a cat napping in the comfy chair. This is "Cat-Crazy Gaiman," as I shall henceforth refer to him.

Things missing that would be in my personal library fantasy:
1. cozy stone hearth
2. rolling ladder attached to the shelves
3. big globe
4. massive thesaurus on display
5. chrome tea cart full of tea things

1 comment:

Jackamo said...

Well, my comments were the same as your's. I want those bookshelves, and I want that many books to fill them. The things that were missing were nicely listed by you, so I don't need to be redundant. My only change would be that I want a china tea service. I also want you in there reading so that we can discuss.