Friday, July 10, 2009

Object Lesson

Yesterday our neighbor came over and told us this story, which cracks me up for some reason.

"Did you hear we have a new mailman? You know, the old one died. He was a grouch. He died shoveling snow on his way to his hot tub. He was a drug addict. Okay, maybe he wasn't an addict, but he did a lot of drugs."

So if you're a grumpy mailman who loves his hot tub and has a lot of snow to shovel, please don't do drugs. Or if you're a grumpy mailman who does drugs and lives up north, put your hot tub inside. Or if you're a grumpy drug addict with a snow-covered hot tub, don't deliver the mail. However, if you're a mailman with a drug problem and a hot tub buried in snow, you probably can't help being a grump. Unless you do more drugs.


Phil K. said...

question - do you have snow right now?!?

Watoosa said...

No snow. We usually get the last of that in April. But the temperature is in the 70s today, and I think that's the first time it's been in the 70s this month.

Felix Grant said...


Jenny said...

I love nosy neighbors! Ours works for the city and she dishes about all our neighbors. One left his house for Wyoming and is getting slapped with unpaid water bills. One came into some inheritance and hightailed it to the ritzy neighborhood; only to leave their old house in a run-down state. She's slapping them with an order to mow their lawn. Oh, and the neighbor on the corner? He dresses in women's clothes.

Of course, none of these were mailmen, and I don't think they had hot tubs. So, they are all still alive.