Friday, November 14, 2008

Worrisome Day

Although it's more personal than what I usually post on my blog, I just thought I'd mention three concerns specific to this day:

1. My mom is having her first chemotherapy treatment today.

2. Jackamo's son is having hernia surgery today.

3. I woke up to the news this morning that Westmont College (where Ickie and I worked for two years) and much of Montecito, California, is burning. The college occupants were sheltered in the gym and no one is reported hurt, but I'm sure many of our friends have lost their homes. It just gives me a sick feeling to look at the photos of the fire.

Also, Ickie will be traveling to Denmark next week, and while it's probably the safest country on the planet, it's still worrisome to be apart. Also, I'm consumed with envy (very bad). So if you're not inclined toward prayer, I would consider it a kindness if you were to start on our behalf.

Here are a few photos of Westmont and Montecito pre-fire (click for enlargements):


Katie said...

Thanks for your concern. Not much sleep in our household last night. Lots of schools closed today, including Nate's. Don't know about the Hoeckleys or other Las Barrancas folks. The Westmont gym is their shelter point I believe, but they may have had time to go elsewhere first. This is not good.

Katie said...

The VanderLaan's house is okay, but David just told me that the Hoeckley's, Smelley's, DeBouer's, McCann and other's have lost their homes. Ugh.

Katie said...

Prayers out to your mom!!!