Monday, March 10, 2008


Many of you know I love inventing dishes and having them turn out well. I also love yummy sandwiches, according to me and confirmed by this blog. Ickie and I are fans of the PBS show Sandwiches You Will Like and regularly update our personal list of favorite sandwiches. Here are a few highlights:

*Pot Roast Sandwich, Good Eats Cafe, Grand Rapids, Michigan
*Steak & Cheese, Llywelyn's, St. Louis, Missouri
*Chicken Cranberry, Marie Catrib's, Grand Rapids, Michigan
*Lobster Roll, Red's Eats, Wiscasset, Maine
*Grilled Cheese, Hog Island Oyster Co., San Francisco, California
*Hot Pastrami, Italian & Greek Market (now closed), Santa Barbara, California
*Original French Dip, Philippe's, Los Angeles, California

This past Saturday Ickie had a Cuban pork sandwich at La Familia in Portland that probably needs to be added to the list.

Today when I was hungrily making my way home from the gym, I was considering what I had in the fridge and what I could create from it. Hence, I invented this scrumptious sandwich, which I scarfed down too quickly to take a photo.

Bacon-Squash-Cheddar-Spinach Sandwich

2 pieces thick-cut bacon, cooked
2 slices crusty Italian bread
Irish cheddar
Leftover roasted butternut squash
Jalapeno jelly

I placed a slice of cheese on one bread slice, mushed some squash onto the other, and toasted it in my toaster oven. I added the bacon and spinach when it came out and had the jelly on the side, which I spooned onto each bite. I think chutney would work well in place of the jelly.

This is pretty much what happens when I watch reruns of Top Chef at the gym.


Ickenham said...

Glaring omission 1: The tri-tip sandwich at Los Olivos grocery.

Glaring omission 2: The lamb sandwich at Thea:

Glaring omission for honorable mention: The brie/pear/honey dijon sandwich at Brandt's, St. Louis.

In both cases, though, the sandwich's concept is what makes it so great. I've had particular manifestations of each that weren't executed terribly well, although they were still pretty delicious.

Ickenham said...

Clarification: "both" refers to Los Olivos and Brandt's. I only went to Thea's once.

Watoosa said...

Thea's also had one of my favorite salads ever. Greens with beets and some kind of glorious Turkish cheese and garlic dressing. Why didn't we go back there???