Thursday, August 9, 2007

No One Understands My Jane

And this is why I won't be going to see the latest Austen atrocity, which looks so LAME in the trailers with its sappy pop song and obvious Rom-Com elements. Blech! All the same, I doubt I could despise it more than the Keira Knightley horror (reading the linked review also basically explains why I hated that one, although I have so many more reasons and get so angry just thinking about it that I'm not even going to discuss it here). Suffice it to say, I am QUITE PUT OUT.


hayumbone said...

I have to take issue with DNB's assertion of JA's attachment to Lefroy as "unserious." During her life, if she was interested in anyone, it was Tom Lefroy. However, the lengths to which this movie takes that romance are ludicrous. Have you read Claire Tomalin's bio of JA, btw?

It's not Anne Hathaway's fault she's pretty. But she's too pretty to play Jane Austen. They needed someone more like Amanda Root from Persuasion, someone relatively attractive in an understated way (plus, British!). And I object to the twee use of well-known-by-this-point-of-cliche lines from Austen novels, including "it is a truth universally acknowledged...," as well as recreating supposed moments in JA's life that would later serve as fodder for her novels. JA did write from what she saw around her, but this is fleer-worthy.

Like you, I eschewed seeing this movie and shuddered through the trailer. Enough already with the badly done Jane.

LWB said...

We made the bad decision of watching the movie a few days ago. Bleck, indeed! Anne Hathaway had this rather shrill voice, although I'm not entirely sure it wasn't the way the "fake" China dvd was recorded, but it was annoying nonetheless. We all agreed we felt like we were watching highlights of P&P and a total waste of time. I still think the new P&P is more atrocious. I just can't believe how many people *love* it! It doesn't even begin to compare with the BBC version. I can see you would agree, so I won't bother continuing on with my rants. :)

Laurie (Hayumbone's sis)