Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Society for Putting Things on Top of Papery Things

Among my latest stack of books from the public library is a Wodehouse novel titled The Purloined Paperweight. Ickie made an amusing discovery when he read on the jacket that this edition of the book was published by The International Paperweight Society in Santa Cruz, California. They only print books about paperweights, including the following gems:

The Art of the Paperweight, L.H. Selman
The Art of the Paperweight: Challenging Tradition, L.H. Selman (I love that the first volume wasn't enough; Mr. Selman had to CHALLENGE TRADITION.)
The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights, P. Hollister
Songs Without Words: The Art of the Paperweight, Rick Ayotte (Aaah, the wordless song of the paperweight.)
All About Paperweights, L.H. Selman

Mr. Selman has certainly been busy. Apparently he also mediates the enigmatic paperweight discussion group at the IPS website, delving into bountiful topics well beyond my imagination. You can also view their incredibly detailed slideshow about glass paperweights here.

I just love how wonderfully random this is, and I think I need to start a society. I did instigate a Spontaneous Summer Gelato Society last year, but it didn't last very long. Obviously I haven't found my muse in the same way Mr. Selman has. Ickie and I often joke that our cat, Greta, is a member of the Society for Putting Herself on Top of Other Things. Speaking of which, all this has put me in a Monty Python mood, so here are some links for your enjoyment:

International Philosopher Match
Pantomime Horse
The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
Knights of the Round Table in Lego

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