Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Jackamo's Favorite Tea Room

(This blog post has been contributed by Jackamo, owner of the Sophisticated Tea Corner in the margin.)

While strolling along High Street in Ediburgh this past summer, I came upon an absolute jewel of a find - Forsythe Tea Room. I was headed down the Royal Mile in order to view Holyrood House (the Queen's palace in Scotland), but what is a palace when compared to a wee tearoom of unsurpassed cuteness? Nothing! So we popped in for a cuppa and were not disappointed.

Christina Forsythe was everything that you would imagine an elderly, Scottish tea room owner to be. Her accent was thick, her white apron was starched, her cheeks were pink, and her chit-chat was neverending...but in a good way. My family and I plopped our weary feet down for a brief respite and found that our bellies and our very souls were to be refreshed as well. Next time you're meandering down High Street, make a point to stop in and enjoy a pot of Forsythe's blend with milk and a wee bit o'sugar, the honey ham salad, and piping hot sultana scones with butter, preserves, and fresh cream. Ahhh...divine!

Address: 81 High Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH1 1SR
Telephone: 0131-557-5150

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